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Dr. Manju Bhargavi. MD; PGDHS Diabetology practicing as physician and diabetologist is the visionary behind this initiative concept of complementary / integrative medicine (Alternative Medicine with conventional medical treatment i.e Yoga, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine).

India being the diabetic capital of the world and with her vast experience in diabetology, she has foreseen the need for complementary / integrative medicine concept among diabetic patients. This complimentary integrative medicine also has a major role in the chronic health ailments like paralysis, spondilytis, arthritis, spine problems, various skin, gynaec, infertility disorders.

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Mud Therapy

Mud therapy is very simple and effective treatment modality. The mud used for this should be clean and taken from 3 to 4 ft. depth from the surface of the ground.
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Podikkizhi Ayurveda Therapy

Podikkizhi is an ayurvedic therapy with medicinal powder. It is a therapy in which the body of the patient is fomented with linen bags containing a mixture of horse gram.
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Greeva, means "the neck". In cases where topical application of heat is required to be applied on the neck region, greevavasthi would be the desired modality of treatment...
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